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Balloon Boy
  • ∗ Balloon Boy perform tracks from the classic era of 80s rock up to the hits of today
  • ∗ Perform as a 4 piece band as standard
  • ∗ Guaranteed to get everyone up dancing
  • ∗ Thousands of shows experience
  • ∗ Audience participation
  • ∗ Impeccable Harmonies
  • ∗  Concert PA System

Balloon Boy perform classic rock songs of all eras , This is the genesis of something big! With 4 top class musicians and a pedigree as long as your arm this band is a must for rock lovers .

Smashing hits from Bryan Adams, Queen, AC/DC, Thunder, Van Halen, Whitesnake, Foo Fighters , Steel Panther, Paul Rogers, Billy Idol, Def Leppard and many more with great vocal harmonies its gotta be Balloon Boy that rocks your world! 

Balloon Boy LiveBalloon Boy Live

The band consists of :

Aithon Cooper (lead singer and inspiration behind the name)

After singing in a rock band for many years in the clubs and pubs Aithon joined The Mens Club one of the biggest bands in clubland, it was then he had the chance to sing alongside Jo Elliott and Rick Savage (Def Leppard) and also do the backing vocals for John Parr (St Elmos Fire), he has a strong dynamic voice and loves singing rock!

Steve “Boingy” Allan (Guitar)

Steve has been head axe-man for the world famous Gutterband and other various bands for 25 years , working with some of the best and also his best mate Jase who is the drummer for Balloon Boy. Steve has also been a integral staff member at Electro Music, Doncaster for years and loves 80s rock, hence why he nails it on stage! He has various guitars but uses a Kramer pacer classic with BB.

Sean Connor (Bass)

Sean has a very good pedigree in the rock world having been in quite a few rock bands though out his career two of them being Gillam and Guns and Oatcakes these were the two biggest rock bands around at the time and Sean certainly teaches us how to get down and rock, playing his newly acquired Nate Mendel bass not only does he lay it down, he has exceptional vocals too.

Jason Whittle (drums)

Having been in the world famous Gutter band with his best mate Steve Jase was also in a band with Sean when he was 13 ! 30 years later hes back again providing the amazing rock backbone to Balloon Boy, hes a rocker at heart and is a massive (in adoration not height! ) Whitesnake fan. He has drummed with some of the best and is regarded by his peers as the best drummer in the UK.

Balloon Boy Live 2Balloon Boy Live 3

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