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How to choose the right First Dance Wedding Song

The pressure of choosing a first dance wedding song can be overwhelming, especially if you are a big music fan and find it hard to decide on just one song. We often hear that the song a couple chooses as their first dance song will define the rest of their years together- talk about stress. This is the first dance you will share as a married couple and you want it to be memorable. Here are a few guidelines to consider when you and your mate are trying to decide on a first dance song:

1-Make a list of familiar songs

You and your partner can make separate lists of what you both consider to be your ideal songs or your first dance. Compare your lists and talk to each other about why you selected each song and how it resonates with you. Narrow your selections down to one list of no more than 8 songs for the two of you to choose from.

2-Learn the lyrics to the songs

Go through each song and locate the lyrics by doing a simple Google search. Often times you will find that the melody of a song may be evoke romantic feelings, until you break down the lyrics. You might find out that some lyrics may be inappropriate or even depressing for a wedding party despite its mesmerizing beat. Quite a few songs that are deemed as “love songs” are actually about broken hearts, cheating lovers and breakups. Of course, none of these types of songs would be what you want to set the tone for your new life together.

 3-Pick a song that is reflective of your relationship

One of the most common ways people find their perfect first dance song is simply by choosing one that reflects your courtship. Your first dance song should describe how you feel about one another and echo the true nature of your relationship. Be sure to choose a song that is tasteful and fitting to the level of your wedding’s formality.

 4-Pick a song that is entertaining

Just because you’re a big Aerosmith or Nirvana fan doesn’t mean that everyone else at your wedding will be as well. Yes, this is your big day and the bride and groom should plan their wedding around what they like. However, be mindful that you are sharing this day with friends, family and loved ones who may not find your music selection to be entertaining at all. Be tasteful in the song that you choose and save the suggestive lyrics for after the wedding.

4-Make it a memorable selection

The song that you choose for your first dance should be extraordinary. It will be the song that you whisper to your mate in 30 years, “Hey, that’s our song”. Your first dance song should be one that will stand out to the both of you for many years into your marriage. It should be the type of song that always reminds you of why you chose each other in the first place.

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