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Tips for booking your band

If you are thinking about hiring a band for your wedding or a private function then the following will hopefully provide some useful help, tips and pointers. After all, booking a live band isn’t something you probably do every day… whereas us folks at International Management do it on a daily basis.

1,Firstly, speak to your venue to ensure that they allow live bands to perform and that they have the relevant licenses in place. Most venues will be aware of this.

2, Decibel limiters. Be sure to check thoroughly with your venue because if limiters are set too low it may be that a party band will not be possible

3, As a general rule 1 x 15 ft is enough space for a 3 or 4 piece band, but the more band members the more the space required increases. Many bands are pretty flexible with performance space and are happy to try to accommodate wherever they can.

4, Power, If your event is in a marquee; make sure that you check with the marquee suppliers that they will be able to supply an adequate generator.

5, If the room where the band are performing is the same as where the rest of the day’s proceedings are taking place it may be necessary for the band to set-up earlier in the day. Although during the “turn around” of the room most bands set up then.

6, Remember to think about how you are going to be paying the band. No band wants to interrupt you later on in the night to have to ask for payment. So, try and think about this beforehand and maybe designate this duty to the best man or ushers.

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