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How do you plan a birthday party that will really make an impression!

1.Pick a fun theme for the Birthday party:

Select a fun theme for the party. This should be the first thing that you decide as this will set the mood and direction for your party and aid in all the planning that is yet to come. You should know what the birthday boy/girl would want as a theme for the birthday party. If you are not sure then it is always a good idea to ask. Pick matching color decorations, treat bags, and even relevant props (if you can get them) for the birthday party theme.

 2. Have Indulging games to play

A good birthday party always has at least one, or more games. You can choose games that are age appropriate for the guests at the party, and if you can have games that compliment the theme of the birthday party then thats a bonus! Or you can add a few twists and turns to a normal game and make it theme oriented, be creative and brainstorm a little. It is a good idea to keep the number of games between one to three as more games can become overwhelming and make the party run too long. To raise the stakes and keep things exciting give each game winner a special prize! again score bonus points on the birthday party if the prize is related to the theme.

 3. Serve Yummy Food

Food is like the unsung hero of your party, it can make or break the birthday party, so make sure that you present yummy food for the guests. It doesn’t need to be a full-course meal, it can be something as simple as snacks and drinks. However Cake is a must! The cake provides a great opportunity to add to the theme. The color, picture or the design of the cake can be made in accordance with the theme.

 4. Plan a guest list:

People are the life of the party, they decide if the party is a success or a failure, and they decide if your child’s birthday party is going to be the talk of the school the other day or not. Make a list of the birthday girl/boy’s close friends. It is a good idea to ask your kid to approve the guest list, as kids get into fights with their friends all the time. You do not want to invite their newly named nemesis, mistaking them for their close friends from last week.

 5. Hire the Right band:

No matter what the age of the birthday boy/girl is, live performance can cheer the party right up and make it alive. It is always a good idea to have music at the party and choosing the right band can make all the difference. Choosing the right band to play the right songs can also complement the theme and make your birthday party the talk of the town. IMA specializes in understanding your needs and getting the right band for you. They have a large list of some of the most in-demand bands in UK who have a track record of turning the event into a big hit! Some of the bands that you can select from IMA include Evoke, Relentless and Adrenaline Brothers. For more information regarding band selection you can visit or call us on 01924299993.

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