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IMA as your Wedding Entertainment Supplier

The International Management Agency know how stressful it can be organising a wedding. There are guests to invite, cakes to buy, dresses and suits to buy, and all manner of things. One thing IMA can take care of for you is the wedding band. Some of you may choose to go with a DJ or try and take care of it yourselves, but buying a band solves a lot of headaches.


IMA have a number of bands, most of which are based in the UK and some overseas so give them a call even if you aren’t based in Britain. Their acts are spread across a wide range of genres so there’s something for everyone. There’s even a section dedicated to all the bands that work well at weddings. From the Adrenaline Brothers, who are as active as their name implies, to 21st Century Swing to The Money there’s bound to be an act you’ll enjoy.


Some of the bands, such as The Money, are cover artists who know the hits from the 60s onwards. They’ll provide you with the range that you would get in a DJ all from one band. No need to hunt down any music or pay someone else to do it. IMA even have the UK’s only band dedicated to being a UK wedding band with Hitched. Together they have over 40 years music experience between them and they’re all still in their late 20s. They’ve been doing what they have long enough to get you married in style, with exuberance showing through their music.


Some of the bands have different sized lineups available. Bands such as Hitched are available as a three piece band all the way up to a full size eight piece band. Pick the right size based on the size of your wedding party and the mood you’re going for. If you need a bit of help picking a band you can order free demo CD with a selection of tracks by the bands on to give you a feel of what they sound like.


Remember; a wedding is a happy and joyous occasion. You need a band that can really reflect that in the music they play. They’re also filled with love and all manner of positive feelings. The right band can really put that through in their music and the band to do that can be found with IMA.


You should choose IMA as your wedding entertainment provider because they can take care of everything for you. They have enough bands under their banner to have one that’s right for you. Let them take care of part of the wedding planning so you can focus on other aspects. Weddings don’t plan themselves, as good as it would be if they did. IMA will take care of the music, leaving you to take care of the rest.

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