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Why choose IMA to Book Your Function’s Band

From furniture to carpets, curtains to lighting almost every aspect is important in making a special day memorable. Importance of any of these ingredients cannot be ignored. When it comes to music, it plays a vital role in boosting up the mood and atmosphere. A fun and lovely atmosphere can simply make the day memorable.

Thus It goes without saying that a music band is a great way to enhance any event, be it a wedding, corporate event or a party etc. It brings spontaneity and excitement to the event that cannot be acquired through any other means. Having live music also makes your event memorable and give your guests something to talk about long after the actual event has finished.

Selecting a band is an essential element for any event, function or party, and getting it right can make or break your event. One of the most difficult chores of any event planning is to select the entertainment that is fitting for the audience. Thus the success of the event depends greatly on how well the organizers match the entertainment to their guests needs. In short choosing the right people to manage or book the right band makes a huge difference between a successful and an unsuccessful function.

IMA (International Management Agency) is UK’s leading Function band booking sites operating in UK. We stand out from the rest because we understand the importance and significance of choosing the right band for the right occasions. IMA enjoys a high customer satisfaction rating, and this is because we operate through a unique and tailor fitted system.

All team members of IMA either have been in bands or have been involved with event management giving them a higher understanding of band selection and making the event a hit.

IMA has strict standards and only lists the most sought after and in-demand bands and entertainers, not every band is selected to be on the list, and those who are selected are selected through a rigorous process of in-depth analysis before being finally selected and listed. At IMA we understand the importance of customization and offering the customer what they really want, thus they allow direct communication with the band or entertainer booked by the customer so that any special requests are taken care of. IMA also ensures that all insurance and electrical safety compliance issues are taken care of.

The booking process is very simple, straightforward and transparent, all terms and conditions are well communicated. All of this is done to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

We can be reached on 01924 299993, or our website can be visited on So if you have an event or a function coming up and you need to make it special through live music or performance than you know whom to contact and why to contact them.

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