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Why Manbands Are the Most Sought After Acts of 2015

A boy band (boyband or manband) is a vocal group that is consisted of male singers. Usually, this group is formed by young teenage boys or sometime in their 20s to sing love songs toward the young females. Being in a vocal group, most of the times the members of boyband don’t play any musical instruments either on stage or in the recording sessions, which makes the term a misnomer. However, there are some boybands that play instruments, and there are even boybands that give choreographed performances.

Manband Fuel

Manband Fuel

Some of the boybands form their group on their own and oftentimes, the record producers and talent managers hold auditions in order to form their manband group due to the fact that this kind of group is well-sought since 1960s by young teens, preteens, teen, teenyboppers, etc. So, what is the reason why the boy bands and man bands are the most sought after acts of 1960s up until now?

In 2015, the boybands and Manbands are still in craze especially for young females. So, why were really obsessed with the boybands? The answer is very simple, aside from their cute, handsome and pretty faces, they are also directly singing to us. This is no joke because according to a lyrical breakdown study through 1290 songs with more than 220,000 words, boybands and manband are using the word “you” as the most commonly used word in their songs, and the most commonly used word phrase is “and I”

Another thing that contributed to the commercial success of boyband is that the image of the group is controlled carefully by the entire managing aspects such as the promotional materials, music videos, and even the way they dress. The key or main factor of a boyband is being very trendy. In other words, the band is conforming to the latest musical trends and most recent fashions in popular scene of music. Each group member of a manband typically have a distinguishing feature and is being portrayed as a particular stereotype personality such as “the shy one”, “the bad boy”, or “the baby”. While managing the popular musicians portrayal is as old as the popular music, particularly the classification of the band members in defining the characteristic of girl and boy bands.

In most cases, the music sung of boy bands are already arranged, written and produced by their manager or producer and at all times, control the sound of the group. If necessary, the producers are hiring professional singers to record a vocal guide for each group member to sing for them individually if they cannot sing well or harmonize together. In the recent years, there was this “auto-tune” which is a tool used for the boybands who are not capable of singing properly. However, using this tool had caused issues like lip syncing.

As mentioned above, there are also boybands or manband that is performing while playing instruments at the same time. This kind of group is very rare to find that’s one of the reasons why they are sought after by many people, not only the teenagers, but also by adults. They find it more touching and realistic to be called as “boy band” as they fir the literal meaning of the words.

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