Top 10 Halloween Entertainment Ideas for 2015

This year your Halloween celebration can consist of much more than just trick-or-treating and costumes and you will be able to host the best Halloween party ever. Rather than planning the same boring Halloween routine, this year try something spookier for your guests.

Get in the Halloween spirit with the following top 10 Halloween entertainment ideas:

  1. Checklist: First and foremost, create a Halloween party planning checklist to make sure your Halloween celebrations have all of the requirements. After you have planned your October fun with family and loved ones, go through the checklist to make sure you have covered all the Halloween party essentials.

Your checklist should include, date, venue, decoration, theme and most importantly a DJ or a musical band.


  1. Disco- themed Halloween party: Once you have picked out a theme for your Halloween party, you can make further arrangements according to it, such as decorations, songs and costumes.

What is more entertaining than a disco-themed 70s party? With fun music, great lighting, outrageous costumes and passé decorations, you can make your disco-themed party a complete blast for all of your guests this Halloween.


  1. Strawberry ghosts: Strawberry dipped in white chocolate will be a howling success of your party.


  1. Perfect music: You should probably look for the perfect music to set up a magical or scary mood. Spookiest tunes will create the best Halloween atmosphere for your guests.

You can mix and match party mixes, sing-along songs and scary sounds to create your own Halloween track list.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Adam’s Family theme song are some of the suggestions.


  1. Live Band: Hiring a band for your Halloween party can be a great hit. What is more entertaining than dancing and singing with a local band right in front of you? Live show can cheer your party and make it alive.

Moreover, you can ask the members of the band to dress according to your theme which will leave your guests entertained and amused at the same time.


  1. Donut eating game: Eating donuts has never been so exciting! Hang some donuts with string from a durable rod. Blindfold the participants and have each contestant try to eat their donut, the first one to eat wins.

The members of the band may join too.


  1. Halloween Karaoke: How about a scaryoke party this year? All of your guest will definitely have a great time singing and dancing along their favorite Halloween songs. Your guests can participate and feel like a star when they take the stage complete with professional and live music in the background.


  1. Pumpkin Carving: Have your guests bring their own pumpkin and provide designs so that everyone can carve their own pumpkin. They can take their carved pumpkin home.


  1. Halloween Rock Band: Ever heard of a Halloween party with Rock music?I bet no one has. Well, this year is all about being innovative and creative.

Make this year’s Halloween all about Rocking and Rolling with your live band. You can even dress up like rock stars. You can also steal the show by dressing up as members of your favorite rock star band.


  1. Watch scary movies: If you want to enjoy Halloween completely, sit down with your friends after the party has ended and watch few of the must-see Halloween movies. You may want to prepare a list beforehand. Some of the renowned movies are Casper and Trick ‘r Treat.


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