Christmas is by far one of the most festive times of the year, aside from the tired-old holiday office Christmas parties that you’re obligated to attend every December. Instead of following the same boring party planning routine for your Christmas party this year try something different that your guests of every age can enjoy.

1-Christmas Karaoke

What better way to usher in the holiday spirit then by having your guests sing along to your favorite Christmas carols. Party-goers of all ages can participate and feel like the star of their own show when they take the stage complete with live, professional background music. Hiring a band will give your Christmas party the feeling of a live concert that will leave your guests talking about how entertaining your party was even into the New Year.

2-Christmas Caroling Band

Your band can also bring a more traditional feel to your holiday party by dressing in Victorian-style costumes that resemble what traditional carolers once wore. Your guests will be in awe at the gorgeous style of dress and enjoy the holiday spirit even more so with traditional, holiday classics glaring through the speakers.

3-Santa’s Helpers/Elves

There are some bands that will not only play the part, but will go as far as to look the part of Santa and his ‘helpers’. Hire a band that is willing to show up dressed in holiday costume. Ask the band if they are willing to dress as elves to play the part as Santa’s helpers. It may sound cheesy but it will leave your guests amused and entertained at the same time.

4-The Grinch that Stole Christmas

How ironic to have your lead singer dressed as the Grinch who stole Christmas. Your partiers will love the wittiness of seeing the Grinch scowl and squirm as he croons the sound of holiday melodies across the speakers. In between acts, the Grinch can mingle with the crowd while remaining in character and making photo appearances with your holiday party guests.

5-Christmas Rock Band

Let your guests literally ‘rock out’ with your live band as they play holiday songs that everyone can dance along with. Many classic rock singers have made their own versions of most of classic holiday songs. Be sure that your band can play your requested songs, and get ready to rock the holiday right.

Your holiday party doesn’t have to follow tradition, try something new such as throwing a themed holiday party or having our band play music from different genres such as jazz or hip-hop for instance can bring a refreshing ambiance to your Christmas party.

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