Theme Nights

Prom Night is one of the most exciting and talked about events for school students, especially being one of the last that the graduating class will share together. Planning a prom requires a lot of thought and preparation, and choosing a theme seems to be one of the most challenging decisions of the prom committees.

Arabian Nights Prom

Add an element of mystery to the Prom with an Arabian Nights theme that will make for an unforgettable evening. Imagine how intrigued students will be when they enter the room in complete with flying carpets and magic genie lamps. For entertainment, find a band that can remix modern music that students love with a Moroccan-style beat. Most DJs have the skills and technology to mix beats, lyrics and sounds in a unique way.

Mardi Gras Prom

The majestic ambience of New Orleans style Mardi Gras celebration is a great idea for the Prom. The key to making this night a success is to select props that will encompass the French Quarter city-style and the glitz and glamour of Bourbon Street. Your live band will be crooning festive jazz tunes as students, adorned with dazzling masks and love beads, flood the dance floor. Take it up a notch and hire a professional juggler to take the stage alongside your band.

The Roaring 20s

Flappers and feathers are what made this era so unique and would also be a great Prom theme idea. Bring the exhilaration of the underground speakeasy vibe to the Prom with a jazz band or one that specializes in the musical glamour of the 20s revelry. A lead singer dressed in 1920s elegance may sit atop the piano for her solo rendition of Down Home Blues.

A Night in Vegas/Casino Night

What happens at Prom certainly won’t stay there this year. Prom night is sure to be one of excitement and entertainment complete with poker chips, stand-in dealers and casino party decorations. Instead of gambling with money, students can play poker and blackjack to win cool prizes such as school memorabilia.

Prom is a special night and should be a memorable one. Planning is everything and in order to make this night one that partying students will never forget, be sure to choose a theme and start planning for the big night well in advance.

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